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Excluding Someone In Your Will

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Will Exclusion Circumstances Explained

When you fail to name a beneficiary in your Will who may have expected to inherit you are effectively making a deliberate exclusion. Different circumstances and wishes for the distribution of your estate can lead to such an exclusion.

Useful Estate Planning Contacts

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Due to the potential pitfalls of do it your self (DIY) Will Writing and Estate Planning we would always recommend you seek the help and advice of a professional Estate Planner or Solicitor.

However if you are confident that you know what you want to achieve and feel you have the ability to carry out the process of protecting your estate for your loved ones by yourself, then you may find the following list of organisations that are often involved in the Estate Planning Process helpful.

Appointing an Executor in a Will

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An Executor is a person that you appoint in your Last Will and Testament to carry out your Will wishes and distribute your estate accordingly when you pass away.

Executors can also be beneficiaries of a Will and people often choose to appoint their spouse, civil partner or children as Executors because this can make life simpler when dealing with the winding up of your estate.

Wills and Trusts Glossary

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Wills & Trusts Commonly Used Terms

ADMINISTRATOR - Someone who is appointed by law to deal with the affairs of a person who has died. An administrator could be appointed because, the person who died did not have a Will or they had a Will but did not appoint an Executor or the person appointed as Executor does not wish to act.

ASSENT - Legal term for when property is transferred by Executors to a Beneficiary or Trustee.

What is a Reserved Instrument Activity?

Resrved Legal Activities

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The Legal Services Act 2007 states that certain legal services activities can only be carried out by providers that are regulated by approved legal service regulators that are monitored by the Legal Services Board

Excluding Someone From Your Will

 Coffin Question MarkThere may be a time when for whatever reason that you decide you wish to exclude someone from your Will.

In order to achieve this, a Deliberate Exclusion clause can be included in your Will as part of your requests and wishes.

By adding a Deliberate Exclusion to your Will, you can make it very clear that you did not wish a specific person or persons to benefit from the proceeds of your estate when you are gone.

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Will?

Wills FAQ BookOne of the things that puts people off making a Will is not knowing what their options are for making their Will and how much it costs.

This article looks at the different options and costs available to you including making a Will On-line, (DIY) make your own Will and using a Professional Will Writing Company or Solicitor.

(DIY) Make Your Own Will

If your affairs are Very straightforward with no complications then a (DIY) will may be the answer provided you follow all the instructions Very carefully.

The EPN Professional Charter

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The Estate Planners Network (EPN) Professional Charter

As accredited members of the Estate Planners Network Mind At Rest Wills adhere to the EPN Professional Charter ensuring that members of the public can use an EPN member with confidence.

The Charter consists of 8 main principles and they are as follows:

Let your Care and Love of Dogs Live on

Today we are pleased to welcome guest contributor Katrina Emerson from Dogs Trust, who talks to us about how to ensure the care and love of your dogs continues after you have passed away.

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Mind At Rest Wills Launch Online Will Service

For Release 15/07/2015Mind at Rest Wills Online Wills Service

Mind at Rest Wills New Online Wills Service - Press Release

Ipswich — 15/07/2015 — Today, Mind at Rest Wills are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of its new Make a Will Online Service which allows people with the need for a Basic Will to create and download their legal Last Will & Testament Documents (Valid in England & Wales) online in minutes.


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